‘Sustainability Transformation’ course given for the Solvay Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management

Bernard Mathieu, in his position of Professor in Sustainable Development at the Solvay Brussels School- Economics and Management (ULB – Solvay Lifelong Learning), gave in the first quarter of 2022 a course entitled ‘The Sustainability Transformation’ in the Solvay Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management.

This course introduces the rationale behind the required transformation of our economy and society: main sustainability challenges of our times, existing gap between our production/consumption models and sustainable practices, related policy objectives (notably in the framework of the EU Green Deal).

The course also explains the main concepts, jargon and existing frameworks/standards related to sustainability. It confronts participants to cases of large, medium and small companies and organizations which are adapting their business strategies to key sustainability issues, anticipating threats and seizing business opportunities. It also invites them to critically analyse and review these strategies and propose potential new initiatives, combining business success and sustainable practices.

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