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Accelerating transitions to a smarter and sustainable future

HOP3 is a small and agile consultancy created in 2018. Each of its experts has more than 20 years’ experience in energy-intensive industries (cement, lime & glass).

Through the years we have built an extensive network among technology providers and key players in the CO2 transport, storage, and utilisation chain.

Now our aim is to guide organisations in the integration of sustainability in their vision, strategy and operations. And to provide a 360° support for their transition
to carbon neutrality.

Our approach is pragmatic, tailored to the specific needs of our industrial clients.

Our core competencies include carbon neutrality, carbon capture (CCU/CCS), circularity, sustainable construction, corporate social responsibility, public affairs, sustainability communication and stakeholder engagement.

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Developing strategies towards carbon neutrality, circularity and shared value

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Delivering a comprehensive end-to-end solution
to your CO2 emissions

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Engaging with stakeholders through impactful reporting and communication

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Developing the skills you need
to support your organisation’s transition

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We offer you over 50 years of sustainability experience with the industry at international level. We follow the latest developments to come up with pragmatic solutions. We operate with the highest level of ethics and integrity.

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