The EU Commission opens consultation on profound transformation of process industries to achieve the EU Green Deal targets

In autumn 2019 the Commission services asked potential partners to further elaborate proposals for the candidate European Partnerships identified during the strategic planning of Horizon Europe. Several proposals have been developed by potential partners based on common guidance and template, taking into account the initial concepts developed by the Commission and feedback received from Member States during early consultation.

‘Processes4Planet’ is a draft proposal aiming at circularity and an extensive decarbonisation of European process industries, with a strong focus on competitiveness. Within a cross-sectorial approach, the partnership will develop and deploy the innovations needed for a profound transformation of process industries, e.g., cement, chemical, steel, to achieve the EU Green Deal targets by 2050. Due to their resource and energy-intensive nature, the activities of the partnership will play a crucial role. Process industries will be frontrunners in the transition to carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050, by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels while increasing the use of renewable energy sources. With the ultimate goal of zero landfilling and water discharge, circular models will be implemented across industrial sectors, value chains and with regions and cities.

In the next steps of preparations, the Commission Services will further assess the submitted proposals against the selection criteria for European Partnerships. The final decision on launching a Partnership will depend on progress in their preparation (incl. compliance with selection criteria) and the formal decisions on European Partnerships (linked with the adoption of Strategic Plan, work programmes, and legislative procedures, depending on the form).

HOP3 Consulting is proud to have supported the A.SPIRE team in drafting this Partnership proposal in collaboration with the Commission and the A.SPIRE stakeholders.

In case you would like to receive further information about this initiative, please contact:

Lead entity (main contact):
A.SPIRE, Àngels Orduna-Cao,

Click here to read the draft proposal ‘Processes4Planet’

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