HOP3 supported the European Lime Association (EuLA) in the development of its ambitious climate roadmap


This roadmap presents a reference pathway for the European lime sector to achieve negative CO2 emissions by 2050. It also explores the decarbonisation potential at European level towards 2030 as a milestone year.

During more than 6 months and building on its industrial experience and on an extensive desktop analysis, HOP3 worked closely with the European Lime Association, national associations, representatives of lime companies, technological experts, and various stakeholders. The ‘pathway to negative CO2 emissions’ is the result of a compilation and detailed analysis of data at European level, of the development and assessment of potential decarbonisation scenarios and crucial enablers.

HOP3 is proud to have guided this process with all involved parties. Many thanks to them for their trust!

Would you also want to develop your own pathway to decarbonise your industrial process by 2050, HOP3 would be happy to share its expertise and guide you to reach your decarbonisation objectives!

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