HOP3 Consulting is a proud sponsor of Engineers Without Borders Belgium. And you?

HOP3 Consulting donates 2% of its turnover to Engineers Without Borders Belgium (Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Belgique) – a Belgian association of volunteering engineers. These committed engineers dedicate time and knowledge to support technical development projects in developing countries, with a focus on renewable energy, waste management and water management .

This suits perfectly the mission of HOP3 Consulting of accelerating transitions to a smarter and more sustainable future, also in the developing world.

As from now on, all invoices of HOP3 Consulting will invite our customers to add their contribution to financing this association.

Join us in supporting these enthusiastic and committed engineers in their efforts to build a fairer and more sustainable world:

Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Belgique
BE41 3600 1147 5510

The HOP3 team

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