“Construction & Renovation” active participation to the strategic Roadmap of the Walloon Region

HOP3 Consulting has actively participated in the development of a strategic roadmap for the construction and renovation sector in the Walloon Region of Belgium. More specifically, HOP3 contribution focused on 2 aspects:

    • future needs, opportunities, and constraints for the various construction materials: timber, insulating materials, cement/concrete, glass, etc.
    • opportunities and hurdles for the development of off-site prefabrication and mass customization (industrialization of renovation and construction) in Wallonia.

This study was piloted by the Walloon innovation cluster Greenwin and achieved in close collaboration with Embuild (the Belgian Construction Confederation), and Buildwise (the Belgian Scientific and Technical Centre for the construction sector). Dozens of interviews with professionals from the sector were conducted, in addition to a desktop literature review. It resulted in clear and actionable recommendations to Regional Authorities, aiming notably at fulfilling the massive need for energy efficiency renovations over the next 15 years.

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