CCU summit

Bernard Mathieu, speaker at 14th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit in Düsseldorf (Germany)

This year the Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit, which took place in Dusseldorf on the 9th & 10th October 2019, focussed on « Advancing the CO2 Utilisation Industry through Innovative Applications & Conversion Technologies Developments whilst Adapting to Policy Changes & Meeting Sustainable Targets » as red thread for its 14th Edition. A great opportunity for Bernard Mathieu to inform around 200 participants about the best practices of CO2 Mineralisation and the latest related projects from the cement sector.
During this new European edition of the event, the conference explored the current state of the industry, including the effect of new policies and sustainability targets, whilst also exploring latest technology development, both on the electrolysis and bio-conversion sides.
The two-day conference covered both general industry topics, such as financing and investment of CO2 utilisation projects, as well as specific case studies on conversion methods and the difference uses: building materials, e-fuels and chemicals.
The two-day event offered a series of case studies & interactive panel discussions, whilst allowing great opportunities for all the participants to network and develop great business relationships.
We already look forward to the next edition.
CCU summit
14th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit in Düsseldorf (Germany)
Best practices CO2 Mineralisation
B. Mathieu: Best practices CO2 Mineralisation

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