HOP Skills

Developing the skills you need to support your organisation’s transition

Executive coaching support

Thanks to our experience at strategic and operational levels in international organisations, the HOP3 experts help you develop your awareness and skills in sustainability topics.

HOP3 Skills provides comprehensive executive coaching support and custom-tailored training programs, ensuring your teams to be fully equipped to accelerate your transition towards sustainable business models and practices.

HOPSkills focusses its services in:

  • Development and delivery of executive coaching/training programmes
    tailored to your specific needs
  • ½ day group sessions on ESG topics.
Training Catalogue at a glance

½ day trainings for executives and groups.

Topics :

  • Introduction to climate neutrality for industries (with B. Mathieu)
  • Understanding climate impacts & mitigation pathways (with B. Mathieu)
  • Understanding Carbon Capture (with B. Mathieu and A. Gupta)
  • Global climate change policies and regulatory frameworks (with B. Mathieu)
  • Understanding and integrating UN SDGs (with B. Mathieu)
  • Non-financial reporting public disclosure and performance rating (with B. Mathieu)
Personalised sustainability coaching

Two kinds of Sustainability Coaching:

  • Personal coaching in a particular sustainability area
  • On-site coaching for project implementation

Organised on a quarterly basis with a minimum of 2 sessions per month ortailored to your specific needs.

Coaching contract :

  • Sustainability Strategy
 : Carbon neutrality / Circular Economy (with B. Mathieu)
  • Sustainability Communication (with C. Moreau)