Press article: “The global cement industry says yes to climate protection” by ZKG International

On 1 February 2019, ZKG International released its interview with Bernard Mathieu, Director World Cement Association Climate Programme. Bernard explained how the cement plants organized in the WCA are to make concerted contribution to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement in order to keep the global temperature rise well below two degrees.

Five areas with collective action have been identified to help accelerate the progress of individual companies in their low carbon transition:

  1. Enhancing transparency of greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Acting for an optimal use of our products in construction
  3. Accelerating the development of waste co-processing
  4. Exploring the potential of innovative technologies
  5. Promoting innovative business models, seizing business opportunities from the low carbon transition

> Read full interview on ZKG International.

ZKG International Press article
ZKG International Press article 1 February 2019

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