Bernard MATHIEU appointed Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Initiative of the Solvay Brussels School

A new role has started in 2021 for Bernard MATHIEU. Bernard has been appointed Executive Director of the ‘Sustainable Development Initiative’ at the renowned Solvay Brussels School – Economics and Management (SBS-EM). Bernard has also been appointed Professor of Management Practice in Sustainability at the executive education level. He is also addressing sustainability issues and potential solutions with future Business Engineers in their third year Bachelor.

The Sustainable Development Initiative @ SBS-EM is transforming the way Solvay Brussels School envisages teaching in order to equip the students with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully manage the transition to a sustainable economy. This Initiative is unique in its level of ambition as the School wants to make sustainable development an integral part of all their programmes – starting from the very first year of the Bachelors.

“The next generations of leaders and entrepreneurs will have to manage a change of unprecedented scale over a short period of time towards climate neutrality, a circular economy, and an economy which leaves no one behind”, commented Bernard. “Equipping future business engineers with the knowledge and skills they will need to successfully manage this transition is my main driver.”

Read more about the Sustainability Development Initiative’ and the SDI team.

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