HOP Nature

Integrating nature capital into your business model to increase the total value of the organisation

Nature is vital

Building on our extensive experience with industrial companies and nature conservation organisations we assess your business’ footprint on nature – on the ground and along the value chain. We make sure that you fully understand your impacts and dependencies on ecosystems and take steps to integrate nature in your plans by minimising risks and maximising opportunities.

HOPNature services include:

  • Mapping of the ecological, operational and reputational risks and opportunities, such as Critical Habitat (IFC performance standard 6) and environmental due diligence.
  • Development of natural resources strategies, eg “mitigation hierarchy” and “no net loss”, biodiversity management plans, restoration, compensation & offset activities for individual projects or portfolios.
  • Design of monitoring and reporting on KPIs on site and portfolio level (e.g. GRI standards) and selection of realistic metrics.
  • Integration of «Nature-based solutions » for your business – copied, inspired or supported by nature.
  • Conception of positive impact projects, creating value for nature and the organisation.
  • Facilitation and engagement with stakeholders and partners during planning and implementation.
  • Inspiration and empowerment of employees for a positive and nature-friendly behaviour at work and at home.